Claiborne Farmers Cooperative was established in 1945 by local farmers to provide the community with quality farm inputs like feed, fertilizer, and seed at reasonable prices. The Co-op’s original location was just across the highway from its current location, which was built in 1946. Claiborne Farmers opened the Speedwell store in 1962 to better serve customers in the Powell Valley area. In 1982, the Co-op consolidated operations with Campbell Farmers Cooperative, which was incorporated in 1955, adding the LaFollette store to its trade area. 

Local agriculture has changed dramatically since those early days, but the Co-op continues to play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of its farmer members. Recent additions to the business have brought a whole new set of customers. Today, the Co-op still provides quality basic farm inputs, but offerings like lawn and garden supplies, hunting products, clothing, boots, companion animal care, and equine products now appeal to a broad range of rural lifestyle consumers. Though the business is truly farmer-owned, anyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op.