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Animal Nutrition

It’s our nature to nurture.

We offer Co-op feeds developed by our own specially trained nutritionists and backed by extensive research to meet the specific needs of your animals, whether beef or dairy cattle, horses, or other animals. Co-op feeds are manufactured right here in Tennessee. Let us help you develop a balanced feed and mineral program that will work best with your preferred forages.

Choose bagged or bulk feeds, whichever you find most convenient. We also offer nationally known Purina Feeds in bags.

For horses, Pinnacle feeds —exclusively manufactured by Tennessee Farmers Cooperative — are optimized for top performance. 

In addition to large-animal feeds, we also have an extensive selection of feeds for pets, small animals, poultry, and other ruminants.
Have questions? Visit with one of our Co-op employees. We’re always happy to help!

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Animal Health

Co-op can help you keep your livestock and companion animals healthy, productive, and happy. We offer a full line of animal health products from industry leaders such as Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, and Bayer to keep your cattle, sheep, goats, and other animals growing and profitable for you. You can trust our expertise!

Livestock Equipment

Co-op offers the best selection around when it comes to livestock handling equipment and fencing. We offer nationally known brands like Tarter, Priefert, and W-W Systems admired for their quality and durability, and our own Co-op brand of gates and feeders. We’ll be happy to help you design a system that meets your unique needs. We also have Herdsman, Gallagher, and Tru-test fencing supplies, including electric chargers, wire, t-posts, insulators, and more. 


Horse enthusiasts can find all they need at the Co-op. We have Co-op and Purina feeds for every stage of your horse’s life. Our Pinnacle Horse Feeds, manufactured by Co-op, offer premium nutrition for your performance animal. We also offer farrier and tack supplies.

Companion Animals

Claiborne Farmers is your source for everything you need to keep your furry friends healthy, happy, and well fed. We offer a wide selection of nutritional pet foods and tasty treats for dogs, cats, and many other species. We carry a wide selection of pet health products, pet beds, doghouses, automatic feeders, grooming tools, collars, leashes, and products for flea and tick control.

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CRF Partnership Focuses on Equine Research

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